Private Night Tour

The best option

Enjoy the knowledge and experience of a professional guide exclusively for your family or partner only. The private night tour is without a doubt the best way to observe and learn about the forest and all its different forms of life.

At night, wildlife is its most active; much more than during the day which is why this is ideal to see animals in their natural habitat.

Choose a private tour that adapts to your specific schedule, interests, and needs. Experience the night life of the cloud forest in the most exclusive way.

One of the best ways to learn about the wildlife of Costa Rica and Monteverde is, without a doubt, being accompanied by professional guide.

The Night Walk is a jnique experience where you have the Best possibility to observe flor and fauna in their natural habitat, this is because 80% of wildlife here is most active at night.

The Monteverde Refuge is a special place to see different species of frogs, snakes, and insects, and other animals such as a sloth, ocelot, tarantula, and armadillo, as well as a wide variety of plants, the majestic strangler fig, and many more.

Dare yourself to discover all the magic of Monteverde’s nightlife with us.

Private Night Walk

Adults $65 each one
Children aged 5 to 12 years $30 each one
Costa Rica resident $60 each one

From $65

Pick up

- Transportations to most hotels and Airbnb’s in the area.
- Make sure your lodging is en route to the Refuge
- Lodging outside of our route or that have difficult access are not included
- We offer free parking
- For this tour the transportation it's included only if you book at the 6:00pm or 8:00pm schedule


Any time after 5:30pm or regular schedule 6:00 pm and 8:00 pm


Minimum two people to book

Safe tour

-Guides Certified by the National Institute if Tourism
- Spotting scopes for a better quality experience




Bosque, Monteverde


2 hours




If you are interested in this activity, it is important to book it the day before, in case you want to do it the same day we ask you to do it through our WhatsApp and so you can also check a different schedule to the pre-established.

What does the tour include?

The tour includes

– Telescope
– Entrance fee
– Transport
– Guided tour
– Flashlight

What you should bring?

Comfortable Clothing

Consider a hike!

Comfortable Hiking Shoes

Avoid flip flops!

Important information

  1. How to book: You can book the activity through different channels, including the official website, WhatsApp, telephone, mail and some local hotels that sell the tour directly.
  2. External channels: There are other channels, such as Tripadvisor, viator, getyourguide and other internet media, that manage their own reservations, but the company is only responsible for reservations made through their official channels.
  3. Reservation recommendation: During the months of December to April, it is suggested to book at least one day in advance due to high demand and limited capacity per schedule.
  4. Weather conditions: During the months of September and October, there are frequent rains and thunderstorms. However, the company offers flexible cancellation policies for tours affected by weather conditions.
  5. Transportation: Transportation is included in the regular night walking tour and also in private tours starting at 6 or 8 p.m. Clients should check if their accommodations include transportation or if an additional fee is required.
  6. Secure vehicle park: There is a large, secure park for clients arriving in their own vehicle, at no additional cost.
  7. Monteverde Refuge: The place is a natural wildlife reserve, where wildlife is observed in its natural state. It is not a zoo or a place with captive or trained animals.

Customer Experiences

Tamara Staton
Tamara Staton
We did a night hike here, booked through Nasua Tours. Our knowledgeable guide showed us some beautiful wildlife, including a perched green pit viper awaiting prey, sleeping birds, and wolf spiders. It was a really wonderful experience, being in the forest at night.
Margaret Elizabeth Johnston
Margaret Elizabeth Johnston
I felt the guide, Christian, was very well informed, showed kindness and care while making sure I got to see as much stuff as he could find. We covered flora and fauna and he was an expert with the telescope so I could use my phone for some close-ups too. I took an 8am tour but feel a 6am would be better for birding. The property is easy to get to also.
Nicollette Parra
Nicollette Parra
10/10 recommend this experience! We saw so many cool creatures and our guide Chris M. was incredibly knowledgeable about them – and he spoke Spanish, English, and German! Our group was just 4 people so we all got a chance to take photos and use his high tech telescope. This night tour is a must!
Valerie Stancyk
Valerie Stancyk
Our night tour was so amazing! We were able to see an armadillo, a frog, a sloth and her baby, a viper, some sleeping birds and many insects. From what I’ve heard, a night tour is the best way to see wildlife in Monteverde. Our guide was very knowledgeable and had a passion for what he does.
Richard Sullivan
Richard Sullivan
The night tour with Roy was great! Interactive fun! I saw a red eye frog, 2 vipers, a scorpion, Mexican harry porcupine, leaf bug and A SLOTH! And so much more. Very informative. I wish I had done this before my day trip through the Forrest Best tour of my trip. Thanks Roy!
Tabatha Lund
Tabatha Lund
Diego was our amazing guide and we had so much fun! He was funny and very knowledgeable. We got to see a mama sloth with her baby, a scorpion, a sleeping toucan, armadillo, stick bug, fireflies, many birds, and lots of insects all while learning about the wildlife from Diego! Loved looking up to see tons of fireflies roaming around in the trees. Diego also helped us take some really cool pictures!
Meredith Hutcheson
Meredith Hutcheson
My friend and I booked a tour last minute as the team graciously fit us in despite not having seen our registration until we turned up! Our guide, Jason, was knowledgeable and so much fun to explore with. He answered all our questions and found for us an impressive group of wildlife: a walking stick, a red-eye stream frog, a unicorn katydid, a leaf bug, a blue-eyed anole, a toucan, a couple of hummingbirds, a side stripe viper, a moss camouflage praying mantis, a green toucan, and most excitingly a very active mama sloth. We also learned about the trees, plants, and forest ecosystem. Truly a great experience.
JK Vervilles
JK Vervilles
We did the night tour with Miner, and our experience was phenomenal. He knew so much about the animals, wildlife, and intent behind conservation. We saw so many red-eyed tree frogs (at least 8), and many other critters. The walk was not difficult at all but still lasted an hour and a half. The time flew by. We had the dinner afterwards and it was great!

Private Night Walk

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