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Passion for Monteverde

Monteverde Wildlife Refuge

Is a 55 acre property of which 44 acres form a premountanous wet forest. Twenty seven acres are used for the guided walks and 17 acres are not tampered with at all to preserve the biodiversity. The remaining 11 acres are still pastures in the process of reforestation. The Refuges’ location on the top of the Tilaran mountain range and in between the pacific dry forest and the Monteverde cloud forest makes it a very important biological corridor used by many species daily in search of food or refuge.

This makes it an ideal location for birwatching for species like the quetzal, bellbird, mot-mot, manakin, toucan, oil bird and many more; land animals of various species like monkeys, agoutis, coatimundi, olingo, sloth, wild cats, frogs, snakes and a large variety of insects. The Monteverde Wildlife Refuge is also one of the pioneers of the guided night walks in Monteverde. Under one of it’s founders, Luis Gerardo Camacho Zamora, this activity positioned the refuge as one of the best places to do the night walk because of its location, biodiversity, privacy offered to our visitors in each tour.


To give all of our visitors the opportunity to experiment a real, responsible and natural contact with our flora and fauna. Our day and night walks become a unique and exclusive experience.


To become a Wildlife Refuge true to the values of environmental responsibility. Consolidating all of our operations on the line of sustainability, social compromise and education to benefit the care of our environment